Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new day, a new beginning.....

Every blog, magazine and person I have talked to is talking about how nice it is to de-clutter, organize and clean after the holidays have passed. I am no exception. It almost feels like putting on a pair of cozy sweat pants. Or maybe a pair of favorite jeans, and having them be loose with room to breathe. (Of course I wouldn't know to much about the latter)

Still trying to learn the new camera. Maybe I should take a class?

I wanted to go with a more neutral scheme for the cold winter around here. And mix in mercury glass, tarnished silver etc. It seems cozy. I painted my old pine hutch a lighter creme. I showed it in a previous post at Christmas. It just makes all my thrift store finds really "pop"

My hubby bought these prints for me for Christmas at one of my new favorite local stores. They are my favorite gift. Well along with a tureen a good friend gave me (photo below)

All of these pieces came from the thrift store except for the bird and his "crown"

Here is a shot of my mantle. It is still a work in progress.

Why are all my photos slanted? Vertigo? Maybe my house is built on a slant?

Here is a pic of my kitchen cupboards. I really really want to paint my cherry cupboards creme. I just don't have the time and energy at the moment. I keep reading blogs and they keep saying how time consuming it is. Maybe I will just start with the island. Maybe my sisters can come help me?

Here is the beautiful tureen my sweet friend Michelle gave me. "thanks michelle". I even left some of the vintage linens she also gave to me. Love friends that just "get you".

A New Day, A New Beginning, A New Year........

I just wish detoxing my body, recreating myself and cleansing and letting "weight go" was as easy as cleaning house and "lifting" the clutter from my home.
If it were I would be a size 4. Or maybe a 6.

Maybe next year........
Happy January ya'll