Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skinny Dirty Legs

This is the little thrift store table I told you about in my last post!

It was pretty dirty and dusty. At $10.00 I couldn't just leave it there.

I loved the tall skinny legs and all the detailing.

It has dovetail joints on the drawer.

I cleaned it really good with spray TSP.
I haven't ever used the spray. I loved it.
I then primed it with KILZ

I lined the drawer with scrapbook paper.
I bought a little crystal knob, but haven't put it on yet.

See the detailing on the legs. I am going to wax or antique the details
 so they really stand out.
Just got too excited to get the pics posted.

This may go in my daughters room, or maybe my dining room, or porch
or the master bedroom, or a bathroom............we will see.

Have a great week


Jen said...

I LOVE this!!! :) Hey I am liking that consignment store. I just took my 3 bar stools there today. They have cool stuff. Thanks for encouraging me to check them out. How's summer in your neck of the woods?? Did you ever get some wood tags for your baskets? Take care, Jen :)