Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent treasures from the thrift store...

I wanted to share a few of my latest finds in this post. All purchased at the same local thrift store. I now need to figure out where to hang them? Right now they are scattered among stacks of homework, junk mail, preschool artwork and decorating magazines.

Set of 4 plates with house scenes on them. The backs are written in German so I am not sure where the pictures are from. Love the color palette. Started out at $8.00 each. Went back and they were marked to $5.00 a piece. Got all 4 for $5.oo...oh the luck

Set of 3 white Cannisters. I have been looking for white cannisters for ages. They were all so expensive. These were $4.50 for the set of 3. They have silver handles which I am not sure I love so I may be painting over that. We shall see.

Darling snack sets with fruit motifs if pretty fall colors. $1.00 each - set of 4. I am looking for a plate rack to display them on. I love that they have a white background.

Wooden bracket for $1.00 - To paint or not to paint?

Brown transferware plate with windmill.......L.O.V.E - $1.oo

Cameo picture - $2.00

Brown Transferware toothbrush holder-Stratfordshire $5.oo
The brown transferware platter in the background is from the Linda Dano home collection on QVC. She also has plates to match as well.

Off to collect more trinkets.


Easy Peasy Chic said...

Shawna, I LOVE your BLOG!!! Totally CHIC! I am chuckling to myself as I saw your redone entry table on ksl and debated about buying it for several days. It is darling!!! :) I am so glad I ran into you and I am so glad I can follow your blog! You are awesome!!! :)