Monday, September 27, 2010

Seeing the Light....

My hubby and I found this chandelier while out on a Saturday morning drive in the country We picked this pretty chandelier up on clearance at home depot on a Thursday evening after we ate at D.Q. It was the floor model so I got it for 1/2 off. We finally hung it up this weekend. 4 weeks later...Ok ok, I supervised. It looks really pretty. I love the way the sunlight shines through the antique crystals faux plastic crystals. It still gives me the overall look & vibe I want however, and that is the important thing.

I also picked up this cute table at the thrift store last week. I plan to paint it soon. I seriously have no more room for a single thing. But that doesn't seem to stop me (or most of my fellow bloggers out there) They are just to darn cute to pass up. Should I paint it, or leave it?

Had a great Sunday Brunch with 2 of my good friends Michelle and Layna. We talked furniture, decorating and food the whole time. Now those, are my favorite topics. What better way to spend a Sunday morning......don't you agree.


michelle said...

I agree!!! Wish we lived closer and could get into more trouble shopping. I love to see all of your projects.Come this way and I will show you all of my unfinished projects.
I like the wood on the new table. I vote for no paint!